About The Author



Monique L. Thompson (formerly Muñoz) is the author of, “BeeCause You Loved Me”, the host of “Sister Talk, REAL Talk”, she is a Certified Professional Life Coach, and a Certified Myers-Briggs practitioner. 

Her passion and purpose is to help women live their best lives and walk in their purpose. 

Through a course of becoming a widow at the age of 38, then raising her two teenage children alone, and holding down a job at a fortune 100 technology company, Monique began a very unexpected journey through tumultuous and uncharted territory.

The bumps, bruises, mistakes, mishaps, and self-discovery that ensued for her were classified by her friends and family as what should have been debilitating for anyone else. But these became the catalyst for Monique’s understanding of not only herself but also for the challenges women face in today’s dating and relationship world.

She humbly admits, “I had to learn WHO I was, WHAT I wanted and to LOVE MYSELF before I could choose to be in a healthy romantic relationship.